St. Petersburg: magnificent in any season

Suburbs of St. Petersburg

Gatchina, Viborg, Tsarskoe Selo, Strelna, Kronshtadt, and other areas around St. Petersburg have much to offer. Travellers from all around the world come to admire the luxurious palaces of Oranienbaum, to listen to the music of Peterhof's fountains, and to see the nature of Kronshtadt.

White nights

Nothing is as romantic as a midnight walk in St. Petersburg during White Nights, when the gentle twilight keeps the city bright until dawn. Many believe that White Nights is the best time to visit this northern city, and its popularity is confirmed year after year. White Nights lasts from May 26 until July 16.

The city that charms

The majesty and beauty of St. Petersburg is unique, and the list of attractions offered by the city is nearly inexhaustible. So don't be surprised if you leave St. Petersburg with a resolution to come back again and again. Come visit, and see for yourself!


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